Star Wars Creator George Lucas Named New Character In The Mandalorian Season 2 During Set Visit

Friday's brand new episode of The Mandalorian brought us not only the live-action debut of Bo Katan in the world of Star Wars but also two brand new Mandalorian warriors including Koska Reeves (Sasha Banks) and Axe Woves (Simon Kassianides). Best known for his role in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Kassianides wrote about his experience on the series in a detailed Instagram post and even revealed the origin of his character's name while also confirming that Star Wars creator George Lucas is still making additions to that galaxy far, far away. The actor revealed that his character's name was created on the set by none other than Luca who happened to be visiting that day.

"One year ago to the date I auditioned for the role of Axe Woves," Kassianides wrote on Friday. "As a young boy I played with original Star Wars figures passed along to me (or loaned to me more like) by my older brother. My favorite was the mandalorian figure of Boba Fett. I entered the costume department some days after winning the role, unaware of what kind of character I'd be playing. The secrecy and respect for the galaxy warranted and honoured by anyone near it. I have had to personally keep quiet about this for a year now. Eventually on that day an instantly recognisable, career defining mandalorian helmet was revealed to me. I was told it wasn't uncommon for grown men to become tearful when seeing items evocative of their entire childhood come to life in their hands and I was no different."

He continued, "I can say nothing here that would do justice to the magnitude of this moment for me. I was raised without any access to the arts. I knew nobody when I moved to the US. I had a dream. And that dream belonged to a kid with some toys on his family's sofa imagining that Star Wars only existed in a galaxy far, far away. To all of the kids play fighting with their star wars figures dreaming - I promise you, it's worth believing in that dream. You just might get to live it....May the force be with you. This is the way."

It's unclear if Axe Woves or one of the other Mandalorians seen in last week's episode will return throughout the rest of the second season but we'll have to wait and find out.


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