Star Wars: The Clone Wars Actor Teases Excitement for The Bad Batch

This year has had its ups and downs when it comes to the world of Star Wars animation, as fans were overjoyed by the debut of the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, only to then experience disappointment once it officially concluded, though the announcement earlier this month that the spinoff series Star Wars: The Bad Batch would debut next year then ignited excitement once more. It's not just the fans who are excited by the new series, as actor Sam Witwer, who voiced Maul in various animated programs, revealed just how much he's looking forward to the new project.

"I will tell you it looks really, really good. It looks absolutely beautiful," Witwer shared on his Twitch channel. "The story ... at least, I know where the story begins in the first several episodes. And I am very pleased, because it's a little area of Star Wars that has not often been visited. And it's being visited by people who have come to ... I can't say anything."

While it's currently unclear what involvement Witwer could personally have in the series, his frequent collaborations with Lucasfilm animation would imply that he has a close friendship with those working on the series and has been given privileged knowledge of what the new series will explore. Given that the actor has often expressed his passion for Star Wars, which includes voicing his complaints when he feels stories miss their mark, these comments bode well for whatever the new series will explore.

"It meant getting a lot of people back in there that had previously been at Lucasfilm and then had moved on when Clone Wars was cancelled. So, in order to do Clone Wars, you needed to get a lot of those folks back," Witwer said of the final season paving the way for Bad Batch. "What I liked is they didn't just put all that back together, only to let them go again. What I saw was brilliant, extraordinary, beautiful, beautiful animation. I won't say what it looks like, but I will say this: of the quality of Clone Wars, where that bar is set, yes, absolutely, totally [lives up to that expectation]."

The "Bad Batch" of clones officially debuted in the final season of Clone Wars, as they were clones with imperfections that were initially seen as flaws, only for these defects actually giving them strengths.


Star Wars: The Bad Batch is slated to hit Disney+ in 2021.

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