Star Wars: The Mandalorian Director Jon Favreau Included Awesome Callback to Iron Man

Marvel fans realized that Iron Man director Jon Favreau snuck an awesome callback to the movie into The Mandalorian. So many MCU lovers logged onto social media to point out the moment from the season premiere. For those unaware, Cobb Vanth used a missile to destroy a speeder. Those shots directly mirror the part of Iron Man where he uses the missiles in his suit to wreck shop. You can watch the two up against each other down below in a clip from Twitter. That wasn't the only thing that fans have absolutely loved from the first episode of Season 2. There were some other surprises lying in the reeds for Mandalorian fans. One of those is a long-time fan request that finally got paid off that we won't spoil right here, needless to say, it drew quite a reaction on social. People even brought back the spoilers without context meme for this special event.

Everyone is happy to have the bounty hunter and his adorable companion back. Carl Weathers especially, and he talked up Season 2 in a previous interview.

"We, of course, have the baby. The baby is back and bigger than ever in terms of presence, not size. We all love the baby," Weathers explained to Breakfast Television Toronto. "Cara Dune is back, big time, doing the stuff she does with both action and pathos. And then, of course, you have yours truly, Green Karga, who is back and having fun doing what he does — being duplicitous."

Despite The Mandalorian is one of the most anticipated releases on Disney+ since the platform's launch, none of the stars have been eager to divulge any details.

"It's so easy to give too much away. All I can tell you is if you liked Season 1, my suspicion is you're going to like Season 2 even better," the Greef Karga mentioned. "There's so much more going on [with] some wonderful guest stars who have come in and become a part of episodes. The episodes are just larger and larger in terms of scope, the story is just as interesting — if not more so."

New episodes of Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 premiere Fridays on Disney+. Sign up for the service here.

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