The Mandalorian Director Thanks Mark Hamill for Luke Skywalker Scene, Calls Experience an "Honor"

Compared to other figures in the Star Wars franchise, The Mandalorian director Peyton Reed isn't [...]

Compared to other figures in the Star Wars franchise, The Mandalorian director Peyton Reed isn't especially active on social media, though the filmmaker recently took to Twitter to share his thanks for Mark Hamill, as Reed had helmed the Season Two finale of the series, which featured an appearance by Luke Skywalker. In his post, Reed detailed how he had a photo of Luke Skywalker hanging on his bedroom wall, so to get to direct Hamill as the character years later was a "dream come true." It is currently unknown if Reed will be returning for any future Star Wars projects.

"Dear [Mark Hamill], when I was a kid, this photo hung on my bedroom wall," Reed posted. "STAR WARS, and Luke Skywalker in particular, meant a great deal to me. Some things never change. It was an honor and a dream come true to work with you on [The Mandalorian]. Thank you. [May the Force Be With You]"

Following the Season Two finale's debut, Reed took a moment to briefly thank the fans for their support.

"Hi. Just wanted to say thanks to all you STAR WARS fans. Your reactions to [The Mandalorian] Season 2 finale have been overwhelming. Thank you," Reed posted back in December.

In the days following the Season Two finale and Luke Skywalker's appearance, Hamill played coy about the reveal, but once the excitement of the cameo started to settle, he made sure to thank series creator Jon Favreau and producer, writer, and director Dave Filoni for offering him the opportunity to play Luke once more.

"Sometimes the greatest gifts are the most unexpected and something you never realized you wanted until it was given," Hamill tweeted, while adding the hashtag #ThankYouJonAndDave.

Despite the cameo seemingly being a one-time event, fans can't help but wonder if this could result in more appearances in other corners of Star Wars lore.

Stay tuned for details on the future of Luke Skywalker.

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