Stephen King Reveals Release Date for Lisey's Story Trailer

The trailer for Lisey's Story will drop tomorrow, according to horror master Stephen King, who wrote the novel on which it's based and is credited as an executive producer. The series, which is set to air on Apple TV+, centers on a woman dealing with the fallout from her husband's death years earlier. Long in development, King has been cheerleading for an adaptation of Lisey's Story, which he says is one of his favorite books he has written, since at least 2017, as he saw the evolution of prestige TV as an opportunity to tell the sprawling story of the bok in a way that would allow them to get most of the important stuff in without making a movie that feels too cramped to move.

King has previously said that he will also be providing some new material for the series. He gave fans a heads up today via Twitter.

You can see his tweet below.

"Be all the way in, as much as possible, or be all the way out," King said during a TCA event about his approach to adaptations of his work earlier this year. "There's been a lot of projects [where it's like] step back, write books, maybe something will come along, a passion project, and this was that, a passion project."

While the storyline is surely unsettling, it was inspired by his own real-life experiences, with that emotional connection to the source material giving him doubts about getting involved, only to confirm that now he doesn't "think anything is unfilmable now."


"Two years after her husband's death, Lisey Landon decides it's time to go through his office to clear out his papers. Scott Landon was a bestselling novelist and Lisey has been besieged by people wanting to buy any of his unpublished work but she is determined not to let that happen. As she begins the process of cleaning, she is contacted by an unsavory character who claims that if she does not turn over the papers, he will make her suffer the consequences. Finding strength she did not know she had and never used during their marriage, Lisey refuses, and true to his word, 'Zack McCool' begins to stalk her. Lisey begins to remember strange events from her marriage that she had suppressed and finds clues that may help save her life."

J.J. Abrams will produce through Bad Robot Productions. Moore, King, and Ben Stephenson will executive produce. King is set to write all eight of the series' episodes, years after he began advocating for the story to be adapted in some way.