Stephen King Offers Update on Lisey's Story TV Series

Author Stephen King has been saying for years that he would like to see his Lisey's Story novel adapted into live-action, with the author recently offering an update on the status of the announced TV series that's headed to Apple TV+. Understandably, the coronavirus pandemic has made a major impact on all corners of Hollywood, so while the series may have seen some production delays, the author offered some promising remarks about what he and director Pablo Larraín were developing. What makes this new adaptation so interesting is that, while King often supports other storytellers adapting his material as they see fit, King himself has written scripts for the new series, which will include additional content not seen in the source material.

"I'm now working with a very talented director named Pablo Larraín on a limited series for Apple Plus called 'Lisey's Story,'" King shared with The Washington Post. "He's got a lot of ideas that don't depart from the throughline of the story but are beautiful visual things, with a lot of energy involved. It's like having more depth perception, because I'm like one eye and he's the other eye. … If you're going to really succeed in this business, get people you know are talented and then say, 'Okay, I'm going to step back. I'm not going to be looking over your shoulder and fiddling in your stuff. Go ahead and do the stuff you're good at doing.'"

The new series stars Clive Owen, Julianne Moore, Joan Allen, and Dane DeHaan. It was DeHaan himself that revealed earlier this year that new material was being written for the show.

"It's been really great. He's on set a lot," DeHaan confirmed with Collider back in March. "He's very into what we're doing and the experience. It's also fun to help to sometimes craft it with him. He's writing extra things. Pablo Larraín, the director, has a very clear vision, and there's a real collaboration going on that wouldn't be possible, otherwise. He's such a big deal that what he writes is so holy that, in order to really collaborate or change things sometimes, it feels better having him there and having his blessing and knowing that he's happy with it. It's been really fun. It seems like we're making something really cool."

Stay tuned for details on the status of Lisey's Story.


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