New Stranger Things Season 4 Set Photos Arrive Online

Fans have been waiting quite a long time to see the fourth installment of Netflix's beloved Stranger Things series, and there currently isn't an end to that waiting in sight. The production has hit several delays over the past year, thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, while we don't know an exact premiere date for the new season just yet, we do know that work is still being done to make sure episodes arrive as soon as possible. Filming on Stranger Things 4 continues, as proven by some brand new set photos that have found their way online.

A whole batch of set photos show the '80s-set town of Hawkins, Indiana, but with a bit of a dark, Upside-Down twist. Several structures in these photos have been taken over by the tendrils of the mysterious Upside-Down. Take a look!

This doesn't exactly spoil anything, as the Upside-Down has been a staple of Stranger Things since the show's very first season. A return to the alternate version of the world shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Earlier this year, Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo talked with about the challenges of filming during the pandemic.


"Absolute weirdest experience on the planet," Matarazzo told us. "Because filming the show is already, very much in a stand-by year. Like whenever you're home, you'll know if you're going back two weeks beforehand or something like that. But now they don't need me to know what the schedule was gonna look like. And so I guess the last couple months have been more about getting used to the idea when you're going to finish before production approved, or things shut down. And the set itself is a lot different than usual as can be expected. A lot of precautions being taken. And I always catch myself, when we're on set, we also have to wear eye protection and masks and stuff. And because the actors are the only ones on set and you need to remove the personal protective equipment and the put it back on. Sometimes we'll just leave goggles on set. And if you walk back to your chair without your goggles, People are like, 'Goggles, goggles, goggles where are they?' And I'm like panic attacks, anxiety, all that jazz."

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