Supernatural Season Return Extended Trailer Released

Supernatural has released an extended trailer for the final set of episodes. You can watch it above. Like so many other TV series, Supernatural had to pause production on season 15 due to the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdowns. After sitting in limbo for months, Supernatural resumed production on its final seven episodes in mid-August, and previously released a "first-look" trailer for the final batch of episodes. The final arc of episodes will return on The CW starting on October 8th. This latest trailer really just hammers home how poignant and bittersweet the ending of Supernatural will be for both the cast and fans, alike.

Jensen Ackles already captured the bittersweet spirit of Supernatural's ending, when he let fans in on the final photo of himself and co-stars Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Misha Collins (Castiel), and Alexander Calvert (Jack), all getting one last ride together in the Winchester Chevy Impala:

"Unfortunately, this is the last pic I have of all of us on set together. Our faces say it all. The uncertainty, the emotion, the fear of not knowing how it will all go or more importantly, how @jaredpadalecki will handle a birthday without us. You’ll be just fine, buck-o. We’ll be back in that beautiful car to celebrate soon enough. (Hopefully). Happy Birthday, brother. See ya soon. #spnfamily"

Supernatural 15 Final Episodes Return Extended Trailer

Supernatural's other star, Jared Padalecki, has promised that the end will be worth fans' extra-long wait:

“I feel like Sam and Dean find some version of peace," Padalecki said in an interview last year. "Whether or not that’s alive or dead, or if Amara possesses me or whatever the situation is, I feel like they find more peace than when the season starts."

Showrunner Andrew Dabb has added that fan fulfillment is indeed their ultimate goal:

“You don’t want to leave people feeling hollow. You don’t want to leave people feeling cynical,” Dabb added. “That doesn’t mean the ending is always happy and everybody high-fiving, but it means that the journey was worth something and came to a place that makes everyone feel it was, again, worth kind of taking that trip.”


Supernatural had filmed 18 of its final 20 episodes before COVID-19 infections surge in the US, but episodes after 13 had portions that required post-production work - something that was unavailable for months in Hollywood. Now fans can finally finish the journey.

Supernatural's final episodes begin on October 8th.