Supernatural Doing Last Day Ever of Filming

After 15 seasons, Supernatural is finally coming to end this fall, with series creator Eric Kripke taking to Twitter to confirm that today will be the last day of shooting on the horror-comedy series. The conclusion of the program will surely be an emotional event for fans, as genre audiences passionately connect with the absurdity of fantastical adventures, with Supernatural's ending being all the more impactful due to it earning a staggering 15 seasons, outlasting a number of contemporaries and making its stars beloved figures in the community. The final episodes of Supernatural begin airing on The CW on October 8th and the series finale will air on November 19th.

"This was the first Supernatural scene we shot. Today will be the last," Kripke shared on Twitter. "I'm grateful & love you all beyond words. But it's only over when you say it is, #SPNFamily. In the words of Kim Manners (RIP): Kick It In The Ass."

This last season has been unconventional, as it was originally supposed to conclude earlier this year, only for the coronavirus pandemic to cause movie and TV productions around the world to go on hiatus. Due to these delays, production on Supernatural briefly shut down, allowing audiences to truly savor the final adventures of the Winchester brothers.

Throughout its run, the series has tackled all corners of otherworldly adventures, but after all these years, series star Jared Padalecki promises that the show will offer longtime fans a fulfilling conclusion.

"I feel like Sam and Dean find some version of peace," Padalecki revealed to TVLine last year. "Whether or not that's alive or dead, or if Amara possesses me or whatever the situation is, I feel like they find more peace than when the season starts."

Co-showrunner Andrew Dabb added, "You don't want to leave people feeling hollow. You don't want to leave people feeling cynical. That doesn't mean the ending is always happy and everybody high-fiving, but it means that the journey was worth something and came to a place that makes everyone feel it was, again, worth kind of taking that trip."

Tune in to the return of Supernatural on The CW on October 8th and watch the series finale on November 19th.


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