'Supernatural' Just Reunited Castiel With The Winchesters

Supernatural fans are used to seeing characters die, but it is never easy when Castiel kicks the [...]

Supernatural fans are used to seeing characters die, but it is never easy when Castiel kicks the bucket. The angel has been a central figure in the series for years now, but Lucifer sent Castiel to the grave at the end of Season 12. However, thanks to Jack and a bit of luck, Castiel was just reunited with the Winchesters in tonight's episode.

The episode began with Dean in a dark place as usual. The hunter took up a job for an old friend, but the gig winds up being more dangerous than Sam or Dean believed. The two were pitted against a deranged ghost of a doctor who once performed sadistic lobotomies. The two brothers find themselves a bit overwhelmed when they discover all the ghosts of the doctor's victims, and they cannot put them to rest without finding their bodies. As such, Dean comes up with the wonderful plan of (mostly) killing himself so that he can learn of the bodies' whereabout from the Reapers.

As the episode continues, Dean finds himself in a situation when Sam cannot find a way to revive his brother. Dean winds up meeting the new Death since the Winchester killed the last one, and Billie ends up letting Dean go in exchange for some information on Jack. When Dean wakes up, the Winchester is still feeling as depressed as ever about the deaths of Mary and Castiel, but that pity party does not last for long.

After all, Castiel calls Dean not long after the Winchester is brought back to life.

During the drive home, the Winchesters are disturbed when Dean gets a phone call. When he picks up the phone, Sam looks concerned by Dean's stunned face, but they say nothing as the elder guns his Impala to a seedy telephone booth. When the Winchester get out of the car, Castiel is there waiting for his friends to arrive, and Castiel lets out a relieve grin when he sees the two hunters are unharmed.

Next week, Supernatural promises to explore more of Castiel's return and his first encounters with Jack. Fans still are not sure how Castiel may have changed since he was revived by Jack, but fans are simply excited to see Team Free Will all back in once piece after a long angsty ride.

Supernatural airs on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.