'Teen Wolf' Finale Originally Planned to Kill [SPOILER]

Teen Wolf came to an end last night after six years and the MTV show's series finale contained a lot of surprises for fans. However, showrunner Jeff Davis isn't quite done with the surprises, revealing who he originally intended to die in the series finale.

Fans were surprised last night when nearly all the major characters in Teen Wolf survived the series finale, but according to Davis, that wasn't always the plan. He told Entertainment Weekly that there was a time when he planned to kill off Cody Christian's character, Theo Raeken.

"There was a moment I told Cody Christian we were going to kill his character off, and by the time we got to around episode 16 or 17, I said to him, "I can't kill you." [Laughs] I think he was hoping for an epic death scene," Davis revealed.

Theo, and nearly everyone else, making it out of the series alive came from Davis' own personal desire to give the show an epic sendoff while also keeping the door open for more adventures for the characters.

"There was a time when I was thinking: Who do we kill, how do we make this momentous?" Davis admitted. "And then you have to think: Is this a show where the series finale should have half the cast die off and blow up the show at the end? I thought to myself, I don't want to see most of these people die, I want to see them off together again on another adventure."


Of course, even with sparing Scott and his pack in their defeat of Gerard and Monroe's army there were still absences that were difficult for Davis. Like fans of the show, Davis would have liked to have seen Allison (Crystal Reed,) as part of the finale.

"Even watching them walk toward us at the end, there were people I missed," Davis said. "There were people I would've liked to see with them, including Allison. I don't think it would've been our show if we'd killed off half the characters."