The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco and Friends' Courtney Cox Unite in Crossover Photo

The Big Bang Theory was the biggest thing in TV throughout the 2000s - 2010s, but thanks to streaming, Friends has made a major resurgence to reclaim its '90s glory all over again. Well, for the massive Venn Diagram of viewers who love both shows, there is some epic news to share today: the world's of Big Bang Theory and Friends have now collided in a major way, thanks to an epic "Girls Night Out" photo snap between Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, and Friends star Courtney Cox.

Take a look at the two TV icons giving their respective best blue steel looks for Instagram:

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Big Bang Friends

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"Big Bang Friends" --Courtney Cox

That's pretty much as official of a crossover concept title as you could get with this little celebrity meet up. Needless to say, the sight of Cox and Cuoco together has given TV fans a giddy little thrill, with comments like "Penny and Monica ???? OMG 😍" or "I was not prepared for this😍😭". Even many years (and many, many projects) later, Cox is still feeling that Monica love!

As stated, Friends has made a major comeback recently, thanks to show's debut on Netflix. In fact, the fact that Friends will be leaving Netflix in 2020 sparked major headlines when it was announced that NBC will be moving its content to the upcoming HBO Max streaming service, which will bring together the power of HBO, Cinemax, Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner TV into one place. NBC series like Friends, The Office, and Parks and Recreation have all become major goldmines of binge viewing in the streaming era, and will help anchor HBO Max's initial attempt to grab some market share that Netflix, Disney, Apple, and Amazon are all now competing for.


While Cox will see her past come back to the limelight, Cuoco has been making moves in her post-Big Bang career. She's added producing to her repertoire, and is about to launch two big series: DC Universe's Harley Quinn animated series, and the HBO Max original thriller series, The Flight Attendant. Harley Quinn is an especially high-anticipated project, as it will bring Joker's former sidekick (voiced by Cuoco) into fully adult, R-rated animated series, the likes of which fans have never seen before. So far, the reviews for Harley Quinn seem to indicate that Cuoco is still the queen of geek TV.

Harley Quinn premieres on DC Universe starting November 29th.