The Big Bang Theory Series Finale Finally Fixes the Elevator

The Big Bang Theory is set to wrap up this evening, but the long-running sitcom reached a major [...]

The Big Bang Theory is set to wrap up this evening, but the long-running sitcom reached a major milestone this evening when a major event occurred that fans and building residents have been waiting a long time to see: finally, the elevator has been fixed.

The elevator has been broken for the entire series, often forcing a lot of ridiculous situations for the denizens of the building. Whether it's moving large pieces of furniture or awkward encounters in the hallway, the broken elevator has been a mainstay throughout the entirety of the series.

Finally, the series finale of The Big Bang Theory saw the repair of the elevator. And Penny demonstrates its speed when she beats Sheldon Cooper, racing as fast as he can, to the lobby floor of the building. Sheldon is later reluctant to ride the elevator after a night out of drinking with Penny, though he does admire the functionality of the machine once he finally steps on. It would have made everyone's lives so much easier.

The last episodes of the series have started to wrap these characters' stories up in tidy bows, but they're also making some major changes for the series before it ends.

Penny actress Kaley Cuoco hyped up the series ending while speaking with Entertainment Tonight.

"I was laughing. I was like, 'How are we gonna shoot that last episode?' I was hoping we were gonna pre-shoot a lot of it 'cause I think there are gonna be a lot of tears. It's gonna be tough, it's gonna be a lot of emotions and I love our crew. I just love the people that we're with every day so, you know, all good things come to an end. Everyone is still madly in love with each other. We're all OK with the choice. We've just grown up together, so it's our adult decision."

The final episode of The Big Bang Theory aired on CBS on May 16th. While the series has ended, the franchise lives on with new episodes of Young Sheldon; the prequel series was recently picked up for a third season on the network.