The Boys: Amazon to Launch Official Companion Podcast

In addition to The Boys receiving both a third season and spinoff on Amazon Prime, the hit [...]

In addition to The Boys receiving both a third season and spinoff on Amazon Prime, the hit superhero show is now getting a companion podcast. Launching this Thursday, April 15th, The Boys: The Official Podcast will take a deep dive into the development of the R-rated cape series. In total, eight episodes will be produced for the show featuring chats with executive producers Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and Erick Kripke plus virtually the entire cast of the show.

Actors included on the podcast are Antony Starr, Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Karen Fukuhara, Aya Cash, Chace Crawford, Laz Alonso, and Jessie T. Usher, amongst others.

"We're always playing the thought experiment of, if The Boys were real, if superheroes really existed in our world, how would they affect everything?" Kripke says about the series. "And then from there, you try to be as absolutely logical as you can."

In addition to those in front of the camera, crew members will also be featured on the pod. Costume designer Laura Jean Shannon, VFX Supervisor Stephan Fleet, and Stunt Coordinator Tig Fong will also be featured on the podcast throughout the eight episodes. Directors Phil Sgriccia and Dan Stoloff will also be included.

The show will launch with two episodes on April 15th and the remaining six will debut weekly through the finale on May 27th. The podcast will be able to be streamed wherever you listen to podcasts including Amazon Music, Apple, and Spotify.

"I think anyone expecting Jensen [Ackles] to show up and be a good guy, they will be disappointed. I'll say that! [Laughs]," Kripke said to Variety last year in regards to the upcoming third season. "In the comics he's mostly just kind of bumbling and subservient to Homelander, I would say. As we're writing him in this, we're getting to really talk about the history of Vought because he's like John Wayne. He's one of these guys that's been around for decades of Vought history. And he was Homelander before Homelander, so he's from a different era, but he's got the ego and the ambition — it just comes across in a different way because he's from a different time."

The Boys Season Three has yet to set a release date, while the first two seasons of the show are now streaming on Amazon Prime.