The Conners Season 3 Premiere Features Surprising Danny Trejo Cameo

The Conners opened up Season 3 with a special appearance by Danny Trejo. ABC’s fan-favorite premiere this week and the show was in the mood to celebrate. What better way to commemorate the fresh episodes than with some topical humor from the family’s new neighbor Tito. The Connors’ Twitter account posted a photo of the episode and the fans are just thankful to have the show back after all this time. Actually, the pandemic stoppage ended up influencing the incoming season. Executive producer Bruce Helford went into depth with WKYC about what COVID-19 would do to the show during a virtual press panel a few weeks ago.

"The characters were built for disaster, and we've been following their life and their trials through all the things that have been going on since the 1980s. It just seemed natural that we would be in the middle of this and do it," explained. "I know there are a lot of shows that probably aren't going to be reflecting what's really going on, but we felt that it was an obligation to our viewers and to stay relevant and to show them what it's like for a family that knows how to get through hard times but is thrown a curve like never before."

"We're going to continue [to address the pandemic]," he added. "We've already shot four episodes. You have to do a little bit of crystal‐ball gazing to figure this out. We are going to continue with the pandemic probably throughout most, if not all, the episodes, assuming that there's going to be at the very least certainly hot spots or things like that. God willing, we'll be doing it long after it's gotten better in America."

Trejo has become quite the familiar face on broadcast TV. He guest-starred on The Flash and Brooklyn 99 not too long ago. In a recent interview, the Machete star talked about how fun it was to be welcomed into The CW hit.


"Yeah! The Flash!" Trejo exclaimed. "That is so much fun. They are so cool. Anytime you walk into a sitcom, everybody is family and look at me like an outsider. But they [The Flash] pull you in and all of a sudden, you're just family. They make you family. I'll be doing The Flash more. TV is great, but it's an everyday job."

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