The Conners Rushing Political Episode to Air Before Election Day

The upcoming Borat sequel isn't the only political media hoping to get out before the 2020 US Presidential Election. We've learned today that ABC's The Conners is planning an election themed episode that will be on the air the week before voting day. Showrunner Bruce Helford confirmed the news during a virtual panel, confirming that despite restrictions in filming due to the coronavirus the series will address not only the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic but the polarization in America leading up to the election. Also the backdrop for the entire discussion will be the most appropriate holiday, Halloween.

"As far as the election and all that, we didn't know exactly what our airdates would be for a while, because everyone was trying to figure that out," Helford said. "But once we found out that we were going to be on the air on Oct. 28, we rushed into production to do an episode that discusses Halloween, for one thing, because Halloween won't be the same this year. So the Conners are going to find a way to make it right. And maybe it will give families a way to kind of figure out how to do it a little better at their own homes without being able to go out and trick-or-treat because of COVID."

He continued, "It just seemed natural that we would be in the middle of this and do it. I know there probably aren't a lot of shows that will be reflecting what's going on, but we felt an obligation to our viewers to stay relevant and to show [a family] that knows what it's like."

Production on the series has been going on for some time now, with four episodes of the series already in the can and the narrative of the pandemic will continue beyond this episode, with Helford saying the storyline will go "through most if not all of the episodes, assuming there will be hot spots...God willing we'll be doing it long after it's gotten better in America."

According to the showrunner there are "rigid protocols" for filming, with testing required on the stage and "zones where you have to wear a certain amount of PPE." Luckily for them it seems things are going smoothly.


The Conners season 3 will premiere on Wednesday, October 21 at 9/8c on ABC. Will you be tuning in for the pandemic themed episodes?

(H/T The Wrap)