The Office Fan Spends Quarantine Recreating Theme Song With Music Box

Coronavirus quarantines have given a lot of people plenty of time for all kinds of activities. Most people are partaking in streaming movies and television shows at record numbers, watching shows like Ozark, Tiger King, or the wildly popular NBC hit The Office. Then there are people like John Krasinski, an alumnus of The Office, who launched Some Good News, a series dedicated entirely to spread good news during an otherwise "downer" of a time; or the dedicated fan of the iconic sitcom that recreated its theme song using nothing but a piece of paper and a music box.

Using a music box and a piece of paper, TikToker @ChloeWolff2 went through the painstaking process of punching hundreds of holes in a piece of paper, just so it'd run through the music box right. Believe it or not — it works perfectly.

Office theme song played by a music box from r/DunderMifflin

The catchy tune was created just for the show by composer Jay Ferguson. After Ferguson put the pieces together, it was performed by a makeshift band called The Scrantones, composed of immediate friends of The Office writer Greg Daniels. Prior to the original song being chosen, the entire cast of the show had a say in what to choose.

“There was an interesting process to decide on our theme song," The Office star Rainn Wilson revealed in his memoir. "Many songs were being considered seriously, including ‘Better Things’ by the Kinks and ‘Float On’ by Modest Mouse. Greg [Daniels] graciously sent out a list of songs and links to them as well for the cast to weigh in on. The one we all wanted most of all was ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ by Electric Light Orchestra. It’s a sensational song and its jubilant, upbeat refrain would have fit perfectly over the drab video of the opening credits.”


He added, “The theme we eventually ended up with was a beaut. Composed by former seventies rock/pop star Jay Ferguson, it was fun and catchy with just a hint of melancholy. It perfectly set the tone for the show.”

All nine seasons of The Office are now streaming on Netflix.