The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead Production Restart Time Frame Revealed By AMC

The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are looking to come back to life. Fear the Walking Dead [...]

The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are looking to come back to life. Fear the Walking Dead saw production of its sixth season being temporarily halted in March while The Walking Dead has been unable to begin production on its eleventh season. Now, AMC has revealed that production is gearing up to get started again on the two show. Fear the Walking Dead is up first, looking to resume shooting new episodes in late August and The Walking Dead will follow suit by shooting the six additional episodes attached to Season 10 beginning in October.

Fear the Walking Dead will shoot in Austin, Texas. The Walking Dead will shoot in Atlanta, Georgia. "Our ability to resume in the safest possible way is something we are closely focused on," said CEO Josh Sapan on a conference call. "We will continue to monitor and adjust accordingly depending on local circumstances."

The Walking Dead will premiere its Season 10 finale on October 4. Six additional Season 10 episodes will follow, airing in early 2021. Season 11 of The Walking Dead will go into production in the Spring of 2021 to begin airing in th Fall of 2021. Fear the Walking Dead will premiere the first half of its sixth season on October 11.

While appearing on's Comic-Con recap show, The Walking Dead universe's chief content officer Scott Gimple opened up about the restart plans for production. "There's all the writing that you can do and all three shows are in various stages of that," Gimple explained. "Fear the Walking Dead was the only show in proper production when this happened. Not all the scripts were finished, but most of them were, still, we got to finish up the season. Rather, we had to finish up the season, writing it during this. World Beyond was ramping up, Walking Dead, ramping up. But both of those shows way in full swing now. And actually things had just started on Walking Dead writing-wise and then the planning is fluid. You know what I mean? Everything we're planning, whether it is related to this pandemic or not, you have to be ready to pivot. A lot of it is just, behind all this it's trying to keep people in the loop, but it's even hard to do that because the information is always changing."

As the teams gear to get back to work safely, Gimple says there are "constant conversations" about how to best go about it. "Things that seemed very true a month ago are now not true," Gimple says. "By next month the situation could change as well. You know, we are gonna have all the protocols that are necessary and then some, and in some ways we are bending story around it as a hedge. And then in other ways, we'll have some stories that we're hoping to do our typical way. And then you expand this out. You have Georgia, you have Virginia, you have Texas. Different conditions on different schedules and we're just rolling with it. We're listening to experts and we're making all sorts of contingency plans and we're in just this constant contact."

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