Tiger King Subject Carole Baskin Slams Netflix Directors With Scathing Comments

Earlier this week came the official confirmation that "Tiger King 2" was on the way. Previously teased to be in the works the streamer announced that the series "will return to Netflix for more madness and mayhem," but one person that will almost certainly not be involved is Carole Baskin. Since the series premiered and both Baskin and Joe Exotic reached meme status online the conservationist and big cat advocate has been outspoken about how she believed the series tricked her and framed her in a negative light. In a new statement, Baskin bashed the filmmakers for the next batch of episodes saying, ""I wouldn't call (them) true documentarians."

"I know some people who have been involved in it and they were doing more filming, so I assumed at some point they would come out with a 'Tiger King 2.' It took them five years to put together the first one, so I thought it would be a lot longer," Basking revealed to Variety earlier this week. "I wouldn't call Eric Goode or Rebecca Chaiklin true documentarians. I mean that was just a reality show dumpster fire."

She added, "My phone started ringing off the hook for three months straight, people cursing at me and telling me that they wanted to burn the place to the ground and they wanted to kill me and my family and the cats. So whatever 'Tiger King 2' does, I'll have that same reaction from the public that has been misled. I'll have to spend a lot of time explaining to them how they have been misled, which means I have to watch it."

With her final rebuttal, Baskin noted: "Why would I believe them? They've already shown who they are. They can't back off of that ledge."

The most recent development with Baskin, that viewers of the series saw begin on the show, is that after legally obtaining the property previously used by Joe Exotic she's sold the property. The location was sold earlier this summer under the condition it can no longer be used as a zoo. 


Following the runaway success of Tiger King as docuseries, dramatizations of the story began to be developed. NBC and UCP's Joe Exotic is currently being filmed while an Amazon Prime series with Nicolas Cage attached to play Exotic has been cancelled before it could begin shooting..

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