Titans Star Curran Walters on When the Show Might Start Filming Again

Like so many other films and TV shows, the third season of DC Universe's Titans is on hold due to [...]

Like so many other films and TV shows, the third season of DC Universe's Titans is on hold due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Production on the new batch of episodes was scheduled to begin in the early part of the spring but never even shot a frame of footage due to the delays. It's unclear not only to fans when the series will finally be able to start up again, but to the cast as well, as Jason Todd actor Curran Walters revealed to ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview: "Everything's kind of changed 'cause of the pandemic. We're all, actually everyone in the film industry is just kind of waiting on a word to get back. So, you know, nothing's going on right now but we're hoping to get back as soon as possible."

Though Walters couldn't divulge any new details about the next season of the hit series, he did offer a hope for a few things he hopes to see in the show at some point, saying: "Obviously, one of the most iconic things, it would be pretty cool to like have the Batmobile, stealing of the tires. That's a pretty memorable scene for me. that would be fun man. Obviously, the whole Joker thing would be a dream, ideal world. But, yeah, we'll see. I'm so thrilled to get that first script of the season and see what happens."

The new season will see the debut of none other than Barbara Gordon, but the character won't be suiting up as Batgirl, instead taking on her other alter-ego, the tech focused Oracle. Season 3 is also expected to deal with the fallout of Donna Troy's (Conor Leslie) death at the end of season two and will also likely see the team take on a new threat: Komand'r, AKA Blackfire, who made her debut in season 2. Damaris Lewis is set to be a series regular in the third season of Titans, with the character sticking around to haunt her sister Starfire (Anna Diop).

With the upcoming HBO Max streaming service set to officially launch this week, fans have been wondering what the plan will be for DC Universe moving forward (especially since HBO Max will be the second home for Doom Patrol and the only place to watch Zack Snyder's Justice League and new original shows Green Lantern & Justice League Dark). According to a report earlier this month from Business Insider a source said that DC Universe will likely be around for another year or two, perhaps with another spin-off of Titans on the horizon.