SYFY Cancels Fan-Favorite Series After One Season

Vagrant Queen is no more. Friday afternoon, SYFY sent the live-action series to the chopping block [...]

Vagrant Queen is no more. Friday afternoon, SYFY sent the live-action series to the chopping block after just one season on the network, per reports from The Hollywood Reporter. The series, created and showrun by Jem Garrard, was an adaptation of the Vault Comics series of the same name created by Magdalene Visaggio and Jason Smith. The series had originally aired on Friday nights but after just three weeks, SYFY bumped it to a coveted Thursday night slot in hopes of boosting ratings. The series finished by averaging just 417,000 viewers per episode — 131,000, of which, were apart of the 18-49 demo sought after by advertisers.

Fortunately enough for the channel, it's not entirely at a loss for money. Vagrant Queen was a co-production with Blue Ice Pictures, so the network wasn't entirely on the hook for footing the whole budget. SYFY follows similar arrangements with Wynnona Earp and Van Helsing, a series set to wrap with its upcoming season.

The series starred Adriyan Rae in the title role. According to Rae, the role was a dream gig for her the second she auditioned. "The role was my dream role," Rae told earlier this year. "So, I got the [audition] sides and I just fell in love with Elida and instantly connected with her."

Along the way, Rae's eponymous character has an adventure along the cosmos as she scavenges her way across the stars

"Luckily, our costumes are made for the stunts, because I did all my own stunts," Rae added. "There's only two of them that I didn't do, and it's high falls that I wasn't allowed to. They made our outfits so that they weren't super, super tight leather, and they were materials that could move with us. The costume is department is amazing. They made it distinctly so I could do all these great things in the outfit."

At the time, the actor expressed excitement in a second season — one which will never come, at least on SYFY.

"I'm excited for the second season," Rae said. "I am hopeful that we will get one. I think that the work that we've put in -- everyone from the cast to the crew to Syfy...I think that the work we've put in will show, and I think it already resonate with people allowing us to have that."

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