WandaVision Reveals Inspiration For Monica Rambeau’s Retro Outfit

Monica Rambeau's groovy threads in episodes three and four of WandaVision were a big hit among fans. The costume designer for the hit Marvel show talked to Elle about how they came up with the signature look. Those blue elements and flared fish pants were very striking, even cool enough to have fans asking if they were available on sale somewhere after the episode premiered. Tricia Sawyer, the head of the makeup department, says that they are not available for consumption in that regard. But, the entire ensemble was influenced by that period-influenced blue makeup the Teyonah Parris is rocking during her appearance that episode. (Considering the fact that she doesn’t spend too much time in Westview after that, it’s a shame there wasn’t more of her throughout the decades.)

“Those pants were everything!” Sawyer exclaims. “We went up to the costume department and [Rubeo] showed us the fabric because the pants weren't made yet. I talked to [Parris's] makeup artist [Regina Little] and suggested a blue. She came up with that vibrant fantastic blue and it was perfect. I want to drink it—such a great color.”

Previously, the WandaVision star talked to Collider about the differences between Monica and Geraldine. There’s a lot of period-specific fun going on in the show, and they wanted to make sure the past version of the character felt distinct.

“That was a very interesting continued conversation and process because I think we were all trying to figure out what that level looks like on camera. In your mind, in theory, you have an idea, but how that translates on the screen was definitely a balancing act. So there would be some times where Matt would say to me... It was a balancing act,” she told the site. “I think it was a sliding scale... I think the best way that I tried to understand it is almost like a fog, because when Monica talks about it when she's getting her evaluation, she's like, it's like I knew what was happening, but I couldn't do anything. So it, to me, in my mind, how I tried to process Wanda's control is like a fog where you're aware, but you're unable to react.”


WandaVision is currently streaming on Disney+. 2021 is also bringing The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ on March 19th.

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