WandaVision Showrunner Won't Tease Randall Park and Kat Dennings' Returning Roles

When WandaVision debuts on Disney+ it will not only bring back stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul [...]

When WandaVision debuts on Disney+ it will not only bring back stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as the titular duo but will pull characters from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe into its narrative. In addition to Teyonah Parris as the adult version of Monica Rambeau (seen as a child in 2019's Captain Marvel), the series will bring back Ant-Man and the Wasp co-star Randall Park as SHIELD's Jimmy Woo and Thor's Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis. How do they fit into the story? What are they even doing in this wild show? The ever tight-lipped Marvel Studios is not telling before fans can get to see it for themselves.

Entertainment Weekly's extensive cover story on the series specifically notes that the head writer Jac Schaeffer won't open up on the role that the two play in the series, but does reveal: "she adds that the actors' previous TV experience (Park's Fresh Off the Boat, Dennings' 2 Broke Girls) makes for a delightfully meta twist." As we know, the WandaVision series will be taking its cues from multiple eras of television so it's not a surprise that it will be playfully winking at the previous television works of the actors that appear (That '70s Show actress Debra Jo Rupp is also set to appear).

"The show is a love letter to the golden age of television," Schaeffer said. "We're paying tribute and honoring all of these incredible shows and people who came before us, [but] we're also trying to blaze new territory."

To take things to another level, WandaVision was filmed in front of a live studio audience like traditional multi-camera sitcoms. The audience sat in front of the set and reacted to the scenes in real-time, causing the production to feel like a stage play at times. Naturally they were all forced to sign very strict NDAs.

"It was insanity," Olsen said. "There was something very meta for my own life because I would visit those tapings as a kid, where my sisters were working [on Full House]."

After many delays by Marvel's plans for their theatrical feature films and other Disney+ TV shows, WandaVision will seemingly be the kick off point for the entire Phase Four slate of programming with the first episode scheduled to arrive in on Disney+ later in 2020.

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