What Is It Like To Be Slimed By Nickelodeon at The Kids' Choice Awards?

If you've ever spent time watching Nickelodeon, you are very familiar with slime. The green goo made its debut on You Can't Do That On Television in 1979, and became synonymous with the network. If you're a current or a former kid who loves Nickelodeon, there's a good chance you've dreamed of getting slimed. I was a '90s kid, which means I spent my younger days watching classics like Rocko's Modern Life, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, All That, and much more. During the '90s Nick heyday, I was living in Florida, so I was lucky enough to be close to Universal Studios in Orlando. The theme park had a Nickelodeon Studios attraction from 1990 to 2005, and I saw that show more times than I can count with the goal of getting chosen from the audience to be slimed. Sadly, it never happened, and I thought the dream had died until Nickelodeon invited me to get slimed ahead of the 36th Annual Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

A few days before the big event, Nickelodeon brought in members of the press to be "slime testers." Basically, they needed stand-ins for the actors, YouTube stars, and musical artists who would be getting slimed at the awards show. If you watched the Kids' Choice Awards over the weekend, you saw the grand slime finale, which featured hosts Nate Burleson and Charli D'Amelio bringing their families to the center of the stage to get slimed along with the pit of kids who spent the entire show getting dunked with green goo. During Nickelodeon's test event, I had the opportunity to stand in for the hosts. Check out the video below and then read some of the answers to my most-asked slime questions...


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What Does Nickelodeon Slime Taste Like?

While some have found this answer disappointing, I was relieved to discover slime didn't taste like much of anything. It was a tad sweet and rubbery, but I barely registered the taste. In fact, I was way more preoccupied with how cold it was. I got hit with a full tidal wave of slime, and the result was like stepping out of a goopy, green pool. It's not quite as sticky as I was expecting and it rinsed off very easily, but the walk from the stage to the showers was pretty uncomfortable. I had to remove my shoes and put on little booties before being escorted away by a lovely stagehand who had to carry all of my things because a few towels weren't enough to get my hands clean. 

Does Nickelodeon Slime Stain?

I'm happy to report my outfit (including my shoes) made it out of the slime test unscathed, and I wasn't even wearing a poncho like some of the testers. I was completely soaked, so bringing an extra change of clothes was necessary, but nothing was ruined in the process. Getting all of my slimy clothes back home might have been an issue if Nickelodeon hadn't prepared us for the mess. After the sliming, they brought me to a dressing room with a shower and provided me with all of the essentials I needed to get clean. It did make me wonder about celebrities and their teams, though...

I imagine big stars like Chris Pine and Michelle Rodriguez, who got slimed this weekend while promoting their new film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, have their own people ready and waiting to help them get clean and change into their second outfit of the evening. For me, I just threw my hair up and changed into what basically amounted to pajamas. If any of the stars who got slimed during the awards on Saturday went to an after party, they probably had to start their look from scratch, because fancy hairdos and makeup will not survive the wrath of slime. 

Do Celebrities Know When They're Getting Slimed? 

While I don't have a definite answer, I think it's safe to assume most of the stars know when the slime is coming. The thing Nickelodeon takes the most seriously is safety. As you probably remember from Katy Perry's spill at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards, it can get quite slippery, and the folks managing the stage make it clear that you cannot move until they can help escort you away. 

I attended the Kids' Choice Awards this weekend and watched the slimed stars closely to see if they followed the rules, and it was pretty clear they had been told to stay put. However, I still think it's possible that some of the slime victims don't know it's coming. For example, D'Amelio pranked her boyfriend, Landon Barker, and he tried to hurry away after the slime came down. While he could have just forgotten to stay put, his reaction led me to believe he was not expecting the slime. But the fun thing about slime is that even when you know it's coming, you are not fully prepared until you're soaking in sludge. 

Would You Recommend Getting Slimed?

Absolutely! I have gotten to do a lot of cool things working for ComicBook.com, but I have never seen my friends and fellow '90s kids so jealous. It was a childhood dream come true, and if you get the chance, I say go for it! For me and for the stars who got slimed during the event, it's a pretty painless process. The true slime champions are the kids who stand in the slime pit throughout the entire show. Getting slimed on and off for 90 minutes looks pretty uncomfortable, but I'm willing to bet the kids absolutely loved it. If you're an adult, maybe avoid a slime situation you cannot escape for that long, but if you find yourself at the mercy of Nickelodeon, don't decline the opportunity to have some fun. 

You can learn more about the Kids' Choice Awards at Nick.com.