Wild Life: Glenn and Darby Have to Save Their Friend in Hilarious Clip (Exclusive)

Tonight fans will meet the hilarious and offbeat crew of SYFY's Wild Life, a show that takes fans to a Zoo full of crazy characters living their lives in a post-apocalyptic world. Trust me, you're going to fall in love with it, and to get you certifiably hyped for the episode ComicBook.com has an exclusive clip for you to watch. The clip has the pacifist cheetah Glenn getting ready for his sort of but not really ate with Marny, but his best friend Darby has other plans for the pair, and that includes a golf cart, some bloody wheels, and the mall. You can check out the full clip in the video above

The clip has Darby and Glenn talking about the date, though as Glenn reveals, he really hasn't asked yet. Unfortunately, it becomes clear that Marny's survival needs to take precedence over the date, as for some reason the water has become toxic in the Zoo.

Plus, Darby is always up for a psychedelic trip thanks to his toad bud, and it's off to the mall to save Marny and the rest of the Zoo.

If you're unfamiliar with Wild Life, you can find the official description below.

"Airing as part of SYFY’s late-night adult animation block TZGZ, WILD LIFE is a comedy about a gang of zoo animal friends hanging out after the apocalypse. There’s the pacifist cheetah Glenn (John Reynolds), bubbly dolphin Marny (Claudia O’Doherty), hyper fox Hudson (Baron Vaughn), psychedelic koala Darby (Reggie Watts), self-care loving panda Debbie (SkittLeZ Ortiz) and energy drink-guzzling sloth Viv (Natalie Palamides). Together, they come up with elaborate schemes to entertain themselves and just keep from going insane. From taking trips to a mutant-infested mall for hood ornaments to stumbling upon an old broadcast studio and creating their own shows, these critters are always up to something.

The series is executive produced by creator Adam Davies, as well as Alex Plapinger, Dylan Dawson, Valparaiso Pictures and Octopie.

TZGZ is SYFY’s growing late-night adult animation block (TZGZ comes after SYFY, duh). It’s on Saturdays at midnight and it’s perfect for when you’re feeling chill, funny and maybe even have the munchies. We’ve got animated comedy with a genre twist and of course, a High Wizard to keep you company."


Wild Life premieres tonight at midnight-ish during SYFY's late night adult-animation block, TZGZ.

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