Wolf Pack: Sarah Michelle Gellar's New Series Is Now Streaming

Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on TV! The beloved Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor is starring in the new Paramount+ series, Wolf Pack, which just debuted its first episode. "From a Spark To a Flame" was released on the streaming site today with the next episode dropping on February 2nd. Since the show was announced, fans have gotten a glimpse of Gellar in the series and Paramount+ recently released a sneak peek. Now, Gellar is celebrating the show's official release.

"Today is the day. @wolfpackonpplus streaming in the US and Canada. Tomorrow UK, Australia, Latin America and Brazil. (Check my stories for a free code for @paramountplus)," Gellar wrote on Instagram. You can check out the post below:

What Is Wolf Pack About?

You can read a description of Wolf Pack here: "When a raging wildfire descends on California, a mysterious creature hiding out in the forest is awoken and a group of teenagers find their lives changed forever. Wolf Pack stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rodrigo Santoro, Armani Jackson, Bella Shepard, Chloe Rose Robertson, and Tyler Lawrence Gray," Paramount+ shared on YouTube. "Stream the series premiere of Wolf Pack on Thursday, Jan. 26, exclusively on Paramount+. Then, stream all-new episodes on Thursdays, exclusively on Paramount+. Wolf Pack will release internationally on Paramount+ in Canada on Jan. 26 and Australia, Latin America, and Brazil on Jan. 27." You can check out the trailer below:

How Did Buffy Help Sarah Michelle Gellar Prepare For Wolf Pack?

Gellar recently had a chat with The New York Times and talked about how her seven-year run as Buffy helped prepare her for Wolf Pack.

"Especially now, I go into my projects as an executive producer," Gellar explained. "Wolf Pack, for example. I have these two young girls and two young boys [acting] on it. I have made it very clear from Day 1 that if there are things the production wants to talk to them about, I want them to go through me. Because I've been there. And I want [the performers] to always have a safe space."

Gellar added, "I always try to come in with a smile on my face and set a tone on a set. We're all equals. It doesn't matter what job someone does, they get treated exactly the same ... When I was on Buffy, I made sure that I did every job at least one time so that I understood what everyone did. I held the boom; I tried to mix sound – I was really bad at it; focus pulling. I think a lot of young actors go, 'My job is to show up and say my lines.' Not really. Your job is to be part of the whole team."

Wolf Pack's first episode is now streaming on Paramount+.