Young Sheldon Co-Creator Breaks Down the Big Reveals From 100th Episode

The longest-running live-action sitcom in history came to an end a couple of years ago, but its spinoff/prequel series is starting to build an incredibly long run of its own. Young Sheldon, CBS' prequel story to The Big Bang Theory, just passed a major milestone this past week with the release of its 100th episode. The Iain Armitage-starring series has been a ratings hit for CBS since its debut and continues to be a cornerstone for the network during its fifth season.

Episode 100 did come with some major story reveals for the Cooper family, but the episode itself wasn't some extravagant experience. The creative team wanted to make an impactful episode without going out of their way to set it aside as some special occasion.

"We didn't want to force some kind of quote unquote special episode because it happened to be the number 100," co-creator Steven Molaro told Deadline in a recent interview. "We really just wanted to come up with an episode that we were excited to write and not be constrained by the fact that we were celebrating a number that I think most viewers may not even care about."

The episode did see a few major moments and reveals, including the news that Sheldon's older brother, Georgie, might be having a baby with his new girlfriend. There's also an important conversation between Sheldon and Missy that drops some big hints about Sheldon's sexuality, which was never fully addressed on The Big Bang Theory.

"I think Missy (Raegan Revord) has spent a little time trying to understand who her brother is and what his sexuality might be ... which, as we know, through The Big Bang Theory, continues to be quite a question mark for a long time," Molaro explained. 

The co-creator also opened up about the breakup between Meemaw and Dale, which will likely be a storyline that continues on for the foreseeable future.

"I don't know what's gonna happen. I can tell you that Craig T. Nelson (Dale), who we love and adore, is not leaving the show," Molaro said. "He is still deeply involved in the storylines at the moment. George Sr. is working for him at the sporting good store. So even though Dale and Meemaw are not a couple at the moment, we have no intention of letting him go."

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