'Z Nation' Producers Speak out on the Series Being Cancelled

Fans of SYFY's post-apocalyptic series Z Nation received the entertainment equivalent for coal in [...]

Fans of SYFY's post-apocalyptic series Z Nation received the entertainment equivalent for coal in their Christmas stocking on Saturday when David Michael Latt, one of the producers behind the show, announced via social media that the series has been cancelled after five seasons. Now series executive producers Dan Merchant and Craig Engler are both speaking out on the cancellation.

Both Engler and Merchant seemed to have positive perspectives on the cancellation news with both men acknowledging the series' five-season run.

"RIP #znation," Engler wrote. "As they say, 'Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.' Thanks to all the fans for five years of love and support. You're the best. Thanks @Syfy for a great run."

Merchant went a little further, replying directly to Engler to thank him for his work as well as note that the show "pretty much made TV history."

"Thanks for all you did to set the table in the first place," Merchant wrote. "Always a blast to be in the @znation writer's room with you and, yes, a great run on @Syfy. 5 seasons just like #TheWire and two more than #Deadwood - so we pretty much made TV history. Ha."

On Saturday, Latt -- one of the founding partners of The Asylum production house and its current CEO -- went live on Periscope to share the news of Z Nation's cancellation. He noted that while they were sad that the series wasn't renewed, this also wasn't the end of anything.

"This is not the end of anything," Latt said. "This is just the beginning of a lot of things."

That could mean that they will seek a new home for the show on another network or perhaps streaming service like Netflix, where the first four seasons of the show are now streaming. Fans have already started petitioning for that. While it's far too soon to see what, if any, impact fans will have on the fate of Z Nation, Latt more likely was referencing Black Summer, a prequel show that The Asylum has sold to Netflix which currently as an eight-episode order. The property also produced a series of comic books from Dynamite last year.

The cancellation news also doesn't mean that fans are done seeing new episodes of Z Nation yet, either. The show's fifth -- and final -- season will air December 28th at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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