Zootopia+ First Look Revealed By Disney+

Disney+ has released a first look at Zootopia+, a new, short-form series returning to the world of the hit animated movie. Originally announced during the Disney Investor's Day 2020, and many of these projects built off of beloved characters and franchises that fans haven't had a chance to see further explored. Included in that mix is a return to the world of Zootopia in a new Disney+ series titled Zootopia+. We don't have a ton of details just yet, but we do know the new series is coming to the service in 2022 alongside a Baymax! series and new shows centering on characters from The Frog Prince and Moana

Few details have been revealed yet about Zootopia+, except that the show will be an anthology-style series of shorts, and will focus in on some of the supporting cast from the original film, including Flash the Sloth, Fru Fru, Gazzel's backing dancers, and more. 

You can see the teaser image here:


Zootopia+ will be directed by Trent Correy and Josie Trinidad, who were both involved with the original film (Correy was an animator and Trinidad as a writer). 

Zootopia brought in over a billion for Disney when it released in 2016, and while a sequel is still reportedly in the works, it was already unclear how long it would take to see one before the covid-19 pandemic came in as an additional variable. Those who watched the film know how massive this world is, and we only saw a small sliver of the many oddball and wonderfully quirky characters that live in it in the first movie, so having the chance to expand on that while getting to know some of our favorite supporting characters along the way holds quite a bit of promise.

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