Nia Jax Trolls WWE Universe After Injuring Becky Lynch

The wrestling world is calling for Nia Jax's head now that it's known it was her fist that ended Becky Lynch's Survivor Series hopes. And the former Raw Women's Champion is happy to lean into that hate.

After footage of her errant punch from Raw made the rounds, the Internet united against Jax, deeming her unsafe. There's reportedly a considerable amount of backstage heat on Jax for the error, too, but it doesn't look like she's too concerned about any real blowback.

"Hey...we don’t deliver mail, things happen. Is anyone gonna ask me about how my fist feels?"

Jax's post will certainly rile up an already charge fanbase. In-ring accidents have been a theme in recent months with Brie Bella was the latest Superstar to be put on the hot seat for injuring a peer. While fans have been quick to criticize, current and past Superstars continue to shrug off the accidents as occupational hazards. That debate is going nowhere, but in the end, it's hard for the layman to tell a professional wrestler how to do their jobs.


The punch in question earned Lynch a concussion and broken nose — leaving WWE no choice but to pull her from her superfight with Ronda Rousey this Sunday. A purple-faced Lynch did show up on SmackDown Tuesday to announce Charlotte Flair will replace her at Survivor Series, but there is still little known about how long the Blue Brand's champion will be on the sidelines.

Jax's middle finger to Lynch and WWE fans looks like a declaration of war, but it may just be professional wrestling at its purest. Talk of backstage heat may be real, but they could just as easily be fake news. With Jax being so unapologetic, her tweet looks to be like something approved by WWE in order to raise tension. It's safe to say she's done that.