Jon Moxley Comments on WWE Hiring Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, WWE vs. AEW

WWE made waves back in late June when the company announced that it had hired Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff to serve as the new executive directors for Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live, respectively. Very little is still known about how much influence either man will have over their respective brand's creative team, or if they will simply be overruled by Vince McMahon at every turn.

The move was seen by many as WWE's move to shake up the creative process leading up to October, when SmackDown Live will make the jump to network television at FOX while AEW is expected to make its debut on TNT with a weekly two-hour live show.

Jon Moxley, who left WWE at the end of April and quickly signed with AEW after, commented on WWE's hirings on a recent episode of The Store Horesemen Podcast.

"They definitely made some kind of move," Moxley said. "I'm not there so I don't know. I mean, Paul Heyman, he's real smart. It sounds like that is a great idea. I just hope that Vince [McMahon] lets them do their ideas and it's not just like, 'Well, he's head of creative team, but I'm just telling him what to do,' kind of thing. Eric Bischoff was behind NWO, he had a lot of good ideas, he presided over a lot of crappy WCW shows too. But also, he's probably pretty motivated to make you forget that part of his resume. He's had a lot of time to think about it, so he's probably got a lot of good ideas. So I hope they give them some freedom."

The former WWE Champion has been vocally critical of WWE's creative in the past, as he explained in an interview on Talk Is Jericho that one of the main reasons he left the company was his frustrations with Vince McMahon's creative process.

"If I have something to prove, it's that I want to prove that your creative process, the WWE's creative process, sucks," Moxley said. "It does not work. It's absolutely terrible. And I've said that to Vince. I've said that to Hunter. I've said that to Michael Hayes. I can't even tell you how their system works."

"It's killing the company, I think. And I think Vince is the problem," he added.

Moxley stated in the new interview that he has cooled down considerably since he gave that Jericho interview. On the subject of WWE vs. AEW, he stated he wants both companies to succeed for the good of pro wrestling.


"The more wrestling is good, the more wrestling fans there are, and the better it is for everybody," he said. "I'm not into this war mentality, really, the more I'm thinking about it. Because the better we're all doing, the better [it is] for everybody. I'm a wrestling hippie about it at this point."

Moxley will face Kenny Omega at AEW's upcoming All Out event on Aug. 31