Code Orange's Jami Morgan Explains How Bray Wyatt's New Theme Was Created

Bray Wyatt took the online wrestling community by storm back at SummerSlam when he made his in-ring return under his new persona, "The Fiend."

Along with the haunting severed head lantern he carried to the ring, fans were blown away by the remixed version of his old entrance song "Broken Out in Love," now titled, "Let Me In." The song was created by the Pittsburgh hardcore punk band Code Orange, and within days of WWE releasing it the track was already climbing up the iTunes music charts. As of Wednesday, the song has 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Jami Morgan, drummer and vocalist for the band, spoke with Newsweek this week to break down how the song came about. Unlike with most of WWE's themes, which are created by CFO$ as part of WWE Music Group, the band made the remixed version from scratch while communicating with Wyatt.

"What happened was I saw that Bray had followed us on Twitter, and we've been following him since a couple of years ago when our record I Am King came out and that's around when he kicked off at the same time with his vignettes and vibe," Morgan said while explaining how the band's relationship with Wyatt started. "And so I just messaged him and said 'Hey man, I think we should do something together and it makes a lot of sense' and he hit me back."

The two sides stared trading direct messages back and forth in the months leading up to Wyatt's in-ring return.

"I loved the old theme and [Bray] thought it would make sense to use the old theme, but we didn't know. We weren't sure exactly what was going to happen," Morgan said. "So we decided to write our own stuff and we decided to do a new version. It's not meant to be a remix, it's more about using the vocals, because they are awesome, and the melody and make our own song based off of that."

He then explained the strenuous process of getting the song made, despite still not knowing if WWE would agree to use the track. Wyatt was apparently blown away by the finished product.


"I hesitate to go into it because Bray will say his stuff about his character and whatever he's doing, but he puts a lot of effort and a lot of work into what he wants it to be, and the moment I hit him with the song he wrote me this long text," Morgan said. "It filled us all with joy because we felt like we did the right thing. He was like 'man, I don't care what happens this is going to be my song. Period.'"

Morgan said "it was really close" to SummerSlam before WWE approved of using the song for Wyatt. The former WWE Champion appeared on Monday Night Raw this week and attacked Jerry "The King" Lawler.

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