Cain Velasquez Destroys Brock Lesnar in WWE SmackDown Debut

Brock Lesnar might have walked out of SmackDown as the new WWE Champion after his crushing defeat of Kofi Kingston, but the former UFC fighter was quickly humbled thanks to the pro-wrestling debut of one of his biggest rivals. Cain Velasquez, the man who defeated Lesnar for the UFC Championship in 2010, quickly came out to rain on the new champ's victory parade, forcing Lesnar to kick off his era as a coward.

Earlier this week, Lesnar delivered savage beatdowns to both Rey Mysterio and his son Dominick to kick off the season premiere of Raw. So it was only fitting that Mysterio, with his arm still in a sling, accompanied Velasquez down to the ring to return the favor.

From the moment Lesnar recognized Velasquez, there was a look of fear on his face that WWE fans are not used to seeing. He was visibly scared of his UFC rival, who quickly entered the ring and took him to the mat and delivered a series of vicious blows.

Lesnar had no choice but to retreat, quickly evading Velasquez and rolling out of the ring only to leave his rival taunting him at the ropes. Even announcer Corey Graves remarked that he couldn't remember the last time he saw Lesnar run away from someone.

Velasquez ended Lesnar's reign as UFC Heavyweight Champion in October 2010 at UFC 121, knocking him out in the first round. Lesnar returned for two more fights in the MMA promotion, though he lost one to Alistair Overeem and then had the second thrown out due to a no contest.


Velasquez last appeared in the UFC earlier this year at UFC on ESPN 1, losing a bout against Francis Ngannou in a first round knockout. He later made his pro wrestling debut in Lucha Libre AAA, where he teamed with AEW's Cody Rhodes in a three-man tag-team match.

It appears that Cain Velasquez is now jumping to the WWE for the time being, helping kick off this new era of SmackDown on FOX. We'll see how he fairs in a ring with Lesnar once the WWE Champion manages to regain his composure.

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