Former AEW World Champion Returns From Injury on AEW Dynamite

"Hangman" Adam Page made his surprise return at the start of this week's AEW Dynamite. The former AEW World Champion interrupted Jon Moxley's show-opening promo and immediately started trading shots with Mox. Mox set him off by asking him if he really wanted to fight again, or if he could even remember what happened last time. The two fought all the way up the ramp while security and referees repeatedly tried to separate the two. 

Page challenged Moxley for the AEW World Championship on the Oct. 18 episode of Dynamite, but the bout was cut short when he suffered a concussion after taking a King Kong Lariat and landing awkwardly on the side of his head. He was taken to the hospital and released hours later, then posted a message to his since-deleted Twitter account. 

"Hey thanks everyone for being so nice, im doing alright and feeling good today. had a nice panini for lunch. thanks to paul, medical, mox, brandon, bj, etc, (insert introspective yet merciless quote about unfinished business here)," Page wrote.


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