Cody Rhodes Defeats Shawn Spears Following Arn Anderson's Involvement At All Out

Cody Rhodes emerged victorous at the Sears Centre Arena for a second year in a row, this time at All Out over Shawn Spears.

The two men throughout the match fought all over the ring and ringside area and Tully Blanchard, MJF, and a surprise, Arn Anderson, even got involved.

Blanchard and MJF nearly came to blows at one point, but it was the appearance of Anderson late in the bout that really popped the crowd. This followed Blanchard assisting Spears in hitting a low blow on Cody on the outside.

Anderson came out and gave Spears a spinebuster. Blanchard was shocked and this allowed Cody to hit a kick to a chair into the face of Spears and Crossroads for the win.

The feud between Rhodes and Spears has been traced all the way back to their days together training in Ohio Valley Wrestling more than a decade ago. When Spears officially signed with AEW, Rhodes referred to him as "a good hand" and potential player-coach during a YouTube episode of the Road to.... series.

In June Rhodes went to a 20-minute time limit draw with Darby Allin at Fyter Fest. After the bout Spears ran down to the ring and nailed Rhodes right on the head with an unprotected chair shot, busting Rhodes open and forcing him to get 10 staples in the back of his head. Spears later explained in an interview with Jim Ross that he attacked his former friend because of that "good hand" comment.

"There's certain things that people, in regular life, you're not supposed to do, you don't say publicly," Spears said. "You don't a woman the 'c-word' you don't tell children that Santa Clause isn't real, right? In the wrestling industry there are certain terms, certain things you also don't say, especially within your core group. Cody crossed a line..."


During that same interview Spears revealed that wrestling legend Tully Blanchard would be his new manager going forward.

"I just so happen to have an ace up my sleeve, JR," Spears said. "The greatest battles and wars in history weren't won with the biggest weapons or the strongest soldiers, they were won with the greatest minds."