AEW Star Anthony Ogogo Challenges Jake Paul to a Fight

Though Jake Paul initially teased his retirement following his recent fight with Tyron Woodley, the YouTuber-turned-boxer has been back at it lately calling out Tommy Fury, the half-brother of heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. On Tuesday Paul wrote, "Tommy 'Fury' has denied 2 abundant offers from my team. Timmy 'Fury'.... this is your last offer... $1 million, 8 rounds. 4x more than you have ever made. Either step up and fight OR accept that you and your Dad don't believe in you @tommytntfury." 

This prompted a response from Anthony Ogogo, an Olympic bronze medalist in boxing and an All Elite Wrestling star. He wrote back, "I'll fight you for free you s— bag @jakepaul. I'll drop 30lbs and even with only one good eye I'll punch your dopey head in!"

The British middleweight has a pro record of 11-1, though he's been retired from boxing since 2016 due to being registered blind following injuries he suffered to his left eye. His first major wrestling match came at Double or Nothing back in May when he lost to Cody Rhodes. He and QT Marshall then beat Rhodes and Lee Johnson in a tag match on an early June episode of AEW Dynamite

Paul has not responded to Ogogo's challenge, instead sending more antagonizing messages to Fury. 

Meanwhile, Paul's former opponent Woodley has been pushing for a rematch since the split decision of their first bout was announced. 


"I feel like I won that fight," Woodley said in the post-show press conference. "I feel like I landed the power shots. I feel like even when he landed a shot, I f—ing brushed it off and came back and cracked him. I was in his face, I was in his s—, pause, and his back was against the ropes the entire time. I was walking him down. I could have been more assertive. I was patient. I was seeing my shots, but I didn't want to be antsy with that overhand right. He may have landed it a few times, but I know he missed a lot.

"I felt like I had him," he continued "One time, I almost knocked him through the rope. I really wasn't f—ing with that rope. We came in this morning to do a test run; if you're not 7-7, s—, you can be held up by it. So I hit him, and he bent into the ropes, and I was going to try and knock him through that motherf—er. ... Look at my face. Do I look like I felt somebody's power? I got hit with a shot, but this is boxing. I don't have one cut on my face. I look just as pretty as I did going in as coming out. I never touched the canvas. He was the only one that was close to touching the canvas."