AEW's Britt Baker Wants to Work in the Same Company as NXT's Adam Cole Eventually

All Elite Wrestling's Dr. Britt Baker and NXT's Adam Cole have talked numerous times in interviews [...]

All Elite Wrestling's Dr. Britt Baker and NXT's Adam Cole have talked numerous times in interviews about their relationship, often poking fun at how they're on opposite sides of the "Wednesday Night Wars." But in a new interview on Oral Sessions, Baker told Renee Paquette she hopes to one day be working in the same company as Cole. Whether that means he jump to AEW or she go to NXT remains to be seen.

"We don't have totally different lives [because] we work on two different companies. It's a lot of calls and a lot of FaceTimes," Baker said [h/t Wrestling Inc]. "It's no secret that he comes to AEW sometimes and hangs out in the back. His best friends are the Bucks and Kenny [Omega]. He's got tons of friends there.

"I know this is going to create a little bit of controversy, but I would love to work in the same company one day. I think it would make things a little bit easier," she added. "With that being said, I'm probably never leaving AEW because that's my home. I'd say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Being apart it sucks, but it makes it that much more special to get to see each other again when you get a week to hang out instead of two days."

She also talked about Cole's reaction to her hyper-violent Lights Out Match with Thunder Rosa that closed out last week's Dynamite.

"As soon as we got to the back, they're taking the tacks out and everything, and he's really good friends with Jeff Jones. He had been texting Jeff Jones because he was really, really worried about me. They went and grabbed a phone to FaceTime him," she said. "I'm obviously covered in blood, and Jeff tried to prepare him. Adam was like, 'Let me see her.' He was so happy. He actually watched the match when it was playing; he was backstage at NXT. He was watching it on his phone.

"His text almost made me cry. He said, 'Britt, you literally just made history," Baker continued. "This is one of the best women's matches I have ever seen, [and] one of the best gimmick matches I've ever seen. It will always be remembered.'"

Baker will appear on this week's Dynamite to address her loss to Thunder Rosa. Meanwhile, NXT general manager William Regal will address both Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly getting apprehended by police last week.