Cody Rhodes Wins the AEW TNT Championship at AEW Double or Nothing

Cody Rhodes became the first AEW TNT Champion in All Elite Wrestling history on Saturday night when he beat Lance Archer at the Double or Nothing pay-per-view. After both of their managers were tossed to the back, Archer attempted his second Blackout finisher of the evening, only for Rhodes to counter with Cross Rhodes to score the pin. This marks Rhodes' first championship victory within the company, as he is unable to challenge for the AEW World Championship due to a self-imposed rule set last year.

Archer dominated Rhodes early on, hitting his Blackout finisher in the opening few seconds forcing Rhodes to roll out of the ring. The big man spent the next 10 minutes tossing Rhodes in and out of the ring.

Once Rhodes got a bit of advantage Roberts tried to get involved. Rhodes taunted him by hitting his trademark DDT, only for Archer to get back up and hit a spinebuster (shades of Arn Anderson).

Rhodes managed to hit a Cody Cutter from the top rope to only produce a one count. He managed to connect with a CrossRhodes, but only for a brief two count. Minutes later Anderson got involved by pushing Archer off the top rope. A second referee then ran down, told the ref what happened, prompting both legends to get thrown out. Roberts tried to come back with his snake sack, but Tyson scared him away at the top of the ramp.


This then led to the finishing sequence

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