Watch: Kenny Omega Arrives at AEW Dynamite as Sans, Gets an Undertale-Themed Entrance

Kenny Omega had a special entrance prepared ahead of his six-man tag match on AEW Dynamite this week, as the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion had his entrance video overtaken by an altered version of the modern video game classic, Undertale. As Omega's normal video began to play, the screen suddenly went black as a distorted version of New Japan's Lion logo appeared on the screen. Suddenly text began appearing, saying that all of Omega's friends (including New Japan's Kota Ibushi, who was only depicted in shadow) would eventually leave him. Then the illusions began to crumble as the familiar "voice" of Sans Undertale began to ring throughout the arena.

Omega then walked out to the ring in full Sans gear, complete with a skull mask. Matt and Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks, soon followed in the same Street Fighter gear they used for a six-man tag match at Fyter Fest.


The match ended when Omega nailed Jack Evans with his One Winged Angle finisher. However the team didn't have long to celebrate, as the Bucks were attacked at ringside by Santana and Ortiz.