Eddie Kingston Thinks Chris Jericho is Holding Two AEW Stars Back

Eddie Kingston and Chris Jericho have been butting heads on AEW TV for a while now It all started in late November when Jericho chased off 2.0 and Daniel Garcia while the three were attacking Kingston. "The Mad King" then repeatedly said he didn't want the help from "Le Champion," and has since been teaming with The Inner Circle's Santana & Ortiz to take the three heels down, all while keeping Jericho at arm's length. Kingston appeared on the latest episode of the Battleground Podcast and had some explosive words for Jericho, saying that if it wasn't for him, Santana & Ortiz would already be AEW World Tag Team Champions. 

"If I had my way...there are a lot of things going on with Garcia and 2point0 and now Jericho is sticking his nose in my business," Kingston said (h/t Fightful). "I love PNP, those are my boys for years, I love them both to death. I don't like it that they are with Jericho and never did. Whatever, we all have to make money. I have my own opinion on Jericho. I don't want his help, I don't need his help. He's helping out PNP, but are they world tag team champions? No because they are busy dealing with Jericho's beef. You can put this on clickbait, clickbait the shit out of this, if it wasn't for Chris Jericho and his beef with random people, Proud N Powerful would be world tag team champions. I'm saying it now. If Jericho don't like it, come see me in Raleigh, I'll be there. Jericho is not the guy from Smokey Mountain, he's not the guy from New Japan. Don't come at me and try to help me. I don't want your help. Go help PNP get a world tag title shot instead of worrying about yourself. Clickbait it."

Despite being heavily decorated outside of AEW, Santana and Ortiz have never held tag title gold in the young promotion. The two arrived at the 2019 All Out pay-per-view and quickly aligned themselves with Jericho, Sammy Guevara and Jake Hager as The Inner Circle. Does Kingston have a point? Let us know down in the comments and check out this week's AEW Dynamite lineup below:

  • Interim TNT Champion: Sammy Guevara vs. Daniel Garcia
  • CM Punk vs. Wardlow
  • Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb
  • Dante Martin vs. Powerhouse Hobbs