AEW's Jon Moxley Reacts to Getting Referenced During the Firefly Fun House Match at WrestleMania 36

Days after he arrived in All Elite Wrestling in May 2019, Jon Moxley sat down with Chris Jericho to discuss his decision to willingly leave WWE. The former WWE Champion went through all of his frustrations with the company, particularly how the WWE's Creative Team and Vince McMahon chose to use him year after year. One phrase that Moxley said McMahon would use whenever he particularly liked something, no matter how goofy or childish it seemed, as "It's such good s—, pal!"

Fast forward to WrestleMania 36, where Bray Wyatt forced John Cena to relive his greatest career failures in the shockingly meta Firefly Fun House match. At one point Wyatt's Vince McMahon puppet was shown at commentary alongside Mercy The Buzzard (dressed like Randy Savage), where he shouted out "This is such good s—!" Fans of the AEW World Champion instantly recognized the reference, and it turns out Moxley did too when he watched live.

"I kind of popped for it, honestly. I thought it was pretty funny," Moxley told The New York Post, admitting that while he popularized the line it was already well-known among wrestlers. "But it's like, I think I might have popularized that or made it into a pop culture thing, but everybody knows that's what he says. He's been saying that for decades. People who were probably doing Vince McMahon impressions have been saying 'that's good s—' before I even got into wrestling."

In a separate interview with PWInsider, Moxley talked about what it's like trying to pitch ideas to AEW president Tony Khan compared to negotiating with Vince McMahon.


"He's business savvy, but also just an incredibly passionate wrestling fan," Moxley said. "He's so easy to get excited, if I go up like, 'Dude, I got this idea. What if we did this?' And he'd be like, 'Dude, that's awesome. What if we did this then? And then we can do that.' And he'll get all excited like a little kid. And I'll be like, 'Hold on, tone it down. Tone it down.' Which is cool. You want that.

"Whereas sometimes, I come in and talk to Vince and I'm all excited," he added. "I'm like,'"Dude, okay, here we go. We're going to do this, this, this. Then this. Then we do this on Raw. And then on pay-per-view this. What do you think?' And it's like talking to a door. Dude, hello, I'm giving you awesome. They're like, nope. We're just going to do the same old crap we always do. I'm like, whatever.