AEW's Kenny Omega Names His Favorite Video Games of 2020 So Far

All Elite Wrestling star Kenny Omega is renowned for being one of the biggest video game fans in the world of pro wrestling. Over the past few years, both he and WWE's Xavier Woods have published annual Top 10 lists for their favorite games of the year. And even though the industry has been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic they'll still have plenty of great choices to pick from. In a recent interview with, Omega listed off a handful of games he thinks are the front-runners for his Top 10 list.

"I honestly cannot see this changing — Final Fantasy 7 Remake is probably taking number one. I don't know if that would be a shock anybody, but for me it was such a perfect game," Omega said. "It's so rare for me now, the sort of limitations on time that I can give toward the game where not only am I playing an RPG, but I'm trying to get every accomplishment, I'm trying to do everything. I'm loving the soundtrack, I'm loving the battle system. I'm loving every character, I'm loving the changes to the original story. And then once I beat it, I'm finding myself going back and playing it over again in hard mode. That just never happened these days, at all. It's just, I think it's one of the all time greatest of any RPG of any video game, it's so incredible. And again, I don't think I can see that being topped to year.

"That being said, another one of my favorites this year for sure, I'm a huge fan of the whole series, the Resident Evil series. A lot of people complain that Resident Evil 3 was too short or whatever. For me, f— that," he continued. "I don't need padding. I don't need meaningless missions or meaningless goals or backtracking to just eat up times like, "Okay, cool, that tacked on another two hours. That game was just a thrill ride, there was never a dull moment. Nemesis was done awesome, the battle system was great. I like the ability to dodge, which kind of slowed down a little bit, so you can get some shots in. Everything was done perfectly for me. So that's another front-runner."

Omega also listed Nioh 2, Streets of Rage 4 and Call of Duty: Warzone as three more of his top favorites. The reigning AEW World Tag Team Champion also answered the big question almost everyone will have to answer later this year — PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X?

"I'm a really huge fan of the PlayStation exclusives," Omega said. "I think just for games like Uncharted, games like Spider-Man, games like The Last of Us, those are reasons enough. Regardless of everything else that sort of across platform, just if you have those exclusive games, that's enough reason for me to pick Sony over Xbox. I do enjoy Halo. I do like Gears of War and all that, but I love the PlayStation exclusives."

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