AEW Locker Room Praises Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, and Chris Jericho's Recent Talent Meeting

The choppy waters within the All Elite Wrestling locker room have seemingly simmered, for now. Following the chaos that ensued after CM Punk's AEW All Out press conference, three top stars called a talent meeting ahead of Wednesday's AEW Dynamite. AEW originals Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho as well as veteran Bryan Danielson led a conversation with wrestlers, managers, announcers, and referees hours before the show kicked off in Buffalo, NY.

Fightful Select reported that specifics from the meeting itself are scarce, but the overall vibe after it concluded was positive. An unnamed talent praised the three men who led the meeting, noting that they were "the right people" for the job.

One of the general topics brought up in the meeting revolved around personal issues among talent. The roster was encouraged to solve any gripes they have with one another "in-house" rather than let the drama leak online.

Jericho has received a significant amount of applause over the past week for how he has handled tense situations, and this meeting was no exception. The inaugural AEW World Champion was said to have stepped up "even more" as a backstage presence, with one young AEW talent complimenting the example he set at the press conference. Jericho made an unscheduled appearance at the AEW All Out presser, speaking for multiple minutes in a calm and composed demeanor all while having the knowledge of the backstage altercation between CM Punk and The Elite. 

Moxley was also "widely adored" for his contributions both in the meeting and at the show itself. As he confirmed on Dynamite, Mox was scheduled to take time off before the world title had to be vacated.

Danielson received praise as well, as his "general friendly, funny demeanor" was referred to as "calming" by one AEW talent.

The report concluded by noting that despite Punk claiming certain high-up people on the AEW roster have done nothing in the professional wrestling business, this meeting being led by three men who have accomplished just about everything showed the AEW locker room has plenty of veteran leaders. Sources also pointed to Paul Wight, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, and William Regal as more veteran minds they can turn to for advice.

"We have plenty of great people to go to advice for and take direction from if needed," said one AEW original talent.

For now, all men involved in the backstage fight have been suspended, and likely will not be mentioned on AEW programming until the third party investigation concludes.