AEW's Matt Hardy Wants to Retire Alongside Jeff Hardy as The Hardy Boyz

The Hardy Boyz currently find themselves in two opposing wrestling promotions, with Matt Hardy [...]

The Hardy Boyz currently find themselves in two opposing wrestling promotions, with Matt Hardy having moved to AEW last year while Jeff Hardy remains under contract with WWE. Matt has undergone a number of character changes ever since his AEW debut, starting off by returning to his "Broken" gimmick before finding his stride under his "Big Money Matt" persona. But when asked during a recent Twitch stream how he'd like to close out his career, Matt made it clear he wanted to do it alongside Jeff.

"The gimmick I would like to end my career on, and I'm pretty confident in saying this, I would like to finish my career teaming with my brother as the Hardy Boyz," Hardy said (h/t Wrestling Inc.). "Real life Matt and real life Jeff just doing our thing. That is, I feel like, a beautiful way to tie up a career. It's probably going to be 30 years for both of us, probably over 30 years when it's all said and done. To go out the way you came in, that's super cool. I would like to finish my career with Jeff Hardy, my brother, as a team.

"To correct the record, I would love to have Jeff Hardy come to AEW just so we could team together and there's a lot of great teams there," he added. "A proper Hardy Boyz vs. The Young Bucks feud would be amazing."

It's worth noting that Fightful Select recently reported Jeff's current WWE contract is set to expire in either late 2022 or early 2023.

Jeff spoke with ComicBook back in October 2020 and listed out what's left on his bucket list in WWE. That included holding the WWE Championship one more time, but unfortunately "The Charismatic Enigma" has been kept down in the midcard for quite some time.

"Three things that I've already set a goal for myself to be the WWE champion one more time, to be the Universal Champion one time and main event a WrestleMania one time," Hardy said. "And hopefully, I can get that in before it's all said and done."

"Just seeing The Fiend, from week to week and Bray Wyatt, there's got to be something there. And I've even talked about it many times, as far as I can see something, this vision I have of Willow and The Fiend being in the same ring and I'm not sure what it is, but I think there's a way to figure it out," he added.