MJF Compares Himself to John Cena and The Rock, Claims He's the Leadership AEW Needs

MJF made a number of statements on Wednesday ahead of his match with AEW World Champion Jon Moxley at this Saturday's AEW Full Gear. The first was regarding his unique status as a full-blown heel who has been getting massively positive reactions from AEW fans since his return from hiatus back at All Out in September. He was asked about it in an interview with The New York Post and compared the reactions to the likes of John Cena, The Rock and Hulk Hogan. 

"Being anything other than myself, fully authentically, doesn't interest me. I am who I am. People will react to me the way they want to react to me. That's megastar sh— That's John Cena s—. That's Rock s—. That's [Hulk] Hogan s—. There were times in their career when they would come through that curtain and they got the loudest boo and there were times where they came through that curtain and they got the loudest cheer. That's what I bring to the table. Think people need to stop worrying about fake bulls— labels and just enjoy this ride because I'm over as s— and it is fun," Friedman said.

MJF on Chaos in AEW

Friedman also discussed AEW's rather chaotic 2022. From an injury bug tearing its way through the roster to the infamous "Brawl Out," many of the behind-the-scenes issues within AEW have started to affect the weekly television product. There's no greater example of that than the AEW World Championship, which has changed hands five times this year (including an interim championship and the title being vacated) due to issues surrounding CM Punk

"I think what I bring is not just an absurd amount of awareness in platforms that we have not touched yet, what I also bring is stability," Friedman said. "Let's face it, this world title, it's crowned the greatest pro wrestlers in the world and the sport today, but it's also been jumbled a little bit recently.

"I feel now more than ever what AEW wrestling fans crave is stability. I am that. I've been that since Day 1. When my music hits, the reason the place goes absolutely insane is because they're fully aware they're about to get the perfect segment because that's what I do every time I walk through that curtain whether you love me or hate me. I deliver," he added. 

Friedman then doubled down on that notion on Twitter — "There's been a shadow casted over AEW by a bunch of f—ing bulls—. We are closer than ever to stepping out of the darkness and into the light. We have the roster. We have the platform. Now all we need is stability, change, and leadership. We need the Devil. I'm ready."