AEW Revolution: Hangman Page and Kenny Omega Retain AEW Tag Titles, Multiple Heel Turns Teased


Hangman Page and Kenny Omega walked out of AEW Revolution as the AEW World Tag Team Champions after an absolutely grueling match against the Young Bucks, but by the end the seeds were sewn for multiple heel turns within The Elite. Early on in the match it looked like Page was going to try and injure either Matt or Nick Jackson, teasing a powerbomb on a ring bell while consistently going after Matt's injured back, though Omega stopped him from going too far each time. As the match progressed the Buck looked more an more villainous, hitting Page with an Indytaker on the entrance ramp then ganging up on Omega.

By the end it was Page who secured the win for his team, interrupting a Meltzer Driver attempt and hitting both men with a Buckshot Lariat. After the match the Bucks went to shake hands with their opponents, and eventually Omega accepted. Page declined, and looked ready to hit his partner with another Buckshot only to hold the ropes open for him.

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