AEW's Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo Retain AAA Mixed Tag Team Titles on Rampage

The first match of tonight's AEW Rampage featured the AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions defending their Championships against Dante Martin and Sky Blue. Martin was in his hometown so he was even more on his game tonight, but things didn't even wait for the bell to sound off, with all four stars getting into a brawl to kick off the match. Though at one point it looked like Martin and Blue would pull off the win, it was Guevara and Melo who would ultimately win, retaining their AAA Mixed Tag Team Championships.

Guevara pushed Martin and then Blue and Melo started fighting and then everyone started fighting. Martin had Guevara down on the mat and then tripped him and hit more strikes. Guevara knocked him back with a kick and then dished out a chop but Martin returned the favor with a kick and two chops. Martin sent Guevara into the ropes but Tay caught him and tagged in.

Martin had to leave so Blue could tag in, and Blue hit a Crossbody but then was flipped over by Tay. Tay delivered a hard slap and Blue returned it in spades and then Tay went to lock in a lower neck crank and then a crucifix but Blue got away. Two knees to the jaw followed and then a kick to the knee proceeded a kick to the jaw. Guevara interfered by pulling at Blue's leg and that set up Tay for the kick to the head.

Melo went for the cover but Blue kicked out. They exchanged countered and then Melo was in control for a while, but Blue evaded a kick and went for the cover. Melo kicked out but was then rocked by a kick to the side of the head. Blue got to Martin and tagged him in and he caught Guevara and hit him with strikes. Elbow trikes came fast and fierce and then a dropkick sent Guevara out of the ring.

Martin dodged Melo and connected with Guevara on the outside of the ring, but Melo grabbed Martin's boot to give Guevara time to recover. Martin would leap off the back of Melo and knock Guevara down, but he hit a Jumping Knee Strike. Blue tagged in and then Guevara knocked Martin back, but then Melo hit a huge DDT on Martin. Blue then hit a Hurricanrana on Guevara, though Melo hit the Tay-KO and covered Blue, getting the win and retaining their Championships.

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