Tony Khan Gives an Update on an AEW Streaming Service Deal

AEW president Tony Khan was a guest on Strong Style Live recently and gave an update on AEW possibly partnering with a streaming service. Khan announced back at the start of the month that he had purchased Ring of Honor, which included the promotion's entire tape library dating all the way back to 2002. The press release that accompanied Khan's announcement mentioned that he was already looking for a way to get that library available for fans. 

"I will immediately begin exploring opportunities to make ROH's video library available to fans, who'll have the opportunity to witness the beginnings of the careers of some of AEW's biggest stars," Khan said in the release. 

He said in the interview that he's been having "complex" conversations with WarnerMedia regarding the tape library. AEW currently has a broadcasting deal with WarnerMedia that has AEW Dynamite on TBS and AEW Rampage on TNT weekly.

"I don't have an update on where that content will live exactly yet, but I know that eventually, we'll get it figured out," Khan said (h/t Wrestling Inc). "We're talking to WarnerMedia all the time and these are very complex and important conversations to have. But I think everybody's aligned and wants to do the same thing, which is, make the fans happy and give the fans access to the great wrestling they want to watch."

ROH's first show under Khan's leadership will take place this Friday with the Supercard of Honor event in Dallas. Khan talked about his plans for that show on Busted Open Radio last week. 

"It's not normally something I would do, it's not normally something AEW would do," Khan said. "It's not something AEW would ever do and we're not doing it. The event had been scheduled in advanced by Ring of Honor and the tickets had been sold, I felt the right thing to do would be do right by the fans and have the show and make it the best show I possibly could, even though it's unusual for us to go into enemy territory and run a show that weekend. It's normally something associated with smaller wrestling companies and something I didn't want to do. Since it was booked and the fans are committed to it, I'm gonna go in 100% and make it the best show I possibly can."