Watch: The Young Bucks Throw Shade at How WWE Handled the Saudi Arabia Travel Issues

The Young Bucks have never been afraid to throw a few jabs at WWE. So when the latest drama regarding the company's travel issues in Saudi Arabia and subsequent response (mostly from Seth Rollins) dominated the headlines last week, the pair decided to have a little fun on the latest episode of Being The Elite. Midway through a segment at an airport, Nick Jackson claimed the two were in a "hostage situation." The video then cut to Jackson reading out an official statement saying the two were being held up by "mechanical issues," echoing the statement WWE put out regarding the flight delays that kept more than 150 members of WWE's roster and production team stuck in Saudi Arabia for nearly 24 hours.

"Due to mechanical issues, this flight has been delayed," Nick said in a robotic voice. "Please refrain from listening to all the dirt sheets. They are a purveyor of misinformation and vindictive liars."

That last line was likely referencing how Seth Rollins reacted to Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer report that Rollins gave an awkward "rah-rah" speech prior to Monday Night Raw about how the wrestlers should act on social media.

"No Dave, my problem is that you're spreading complete lies. I gave no speech. I said nothing before, during or after the meeting," Rollins wrote in another tweet. "So either you or your source is full of it. Either way, it's a bold faced lie and I kindly ask you to quit pushing it."


Part of the issue on social media regarding the delays was that a portion of WWE's statement made it sound like certain wrestlers, dubbed the #Saudi20, attempted to get on a second flight in an attempt to get back stateside in time for the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Some wrestlers, most notable Luke Harper, took that as WWE saying certain wrestlers didn't "want it enough" to charter their own flight. Corey Graves appeared on his After The Bell podcast and chastised certain wrestlers for "crying" on social media.

"It sucks, no two ways about it. But all these conspiracy theories that have been drawn up, and half of it comes from some of the boys that were on the plane," he said. "If you are that insecure and you feel so strongly that you're gonna get on Twitter and complain because our flight got screwed up for whatever the reason would be, what's Twitter gonna do? All it is is fuel for these journalists, so to speak, and then it gets on the Internet and everyone puts their two cents in and starts coming up with their conspiracy theories. And if you're mad that your flight got delayed and you weren't one of the 'Saudi 20,' you weren't important enough to get on the jet, that's on you. Quit crying about it on Twitter. You're a WWE Superstar, this happens, this is part of our life. We all have travel woes, we all have travel issues."