AJ Styles Snaps on Samoa Joe, Causes a Disqualification at SummerSlam

AJ Styles couldn't take it anymore.The reigning WWE Champion caused a disqualification in his [...]

AJ Styles couldn't take it anymore.

The reigning WWE Champion caused a disqualification in his match with Samoa Joe at SummerSlam on Sunday after the challenger called out members of Styles' family

Before the bell even rang Joe continued his mind games, grabbing a microphone and pointing out Styles' wife Wendy and daughter Annie in the crowd.

Late in the match Joe stood on the announcer's table and called out Wendy again, saying the Styles wasn't coming home but, "I'll be your daddy." This caused Styles to snap, spearing Joe off the table and attacking multiple WWE security guards before whacking Joe with a steel chair.

Styles took an advantage early on, hitting a number of his signature moves. Joe finally turned the tides when he blocked a sliding knee attempt by Styles on the apron and slammed the champ's face right into the matt.

After a number of nearfalls, Styles regained the advantage by connecting with a Phenomenal Forearm to the outside. After a series of strikes, enziguri, running forearm and reveres DDT, Styles was only able to get a two count on the challenger.

Styles put Joe on the top rope for an attempted superplex, but Joe knocked him off and hit a top rope leg drop right onto Styles' chest for two. He followed up with a running big boot and a senton for yet another nearfall.

Styles then countered a running attack by Joe with an ushigoroshi, but sold his knee as being injured on the impact. He set up for Styles Clash and a Phenomenal Forearm, but Joe countered both and nailed a vicious slam.

Both men made their way to their feet and Styles nailed a Styles Clash on this third attempt, but only managed to lock in one arm before dropping him. Joe kicked out, shocking the crowd inside the Barclays Center.

Minutes later Styles locked in the Calf Crusher, only for Joe to repeatedly slam Styles' head into the mat and lock in a Coquina Clutch. Styles managed to get his leg on the rope just before passing out.

Joe placed Styles on the top rope in what looked like an attempted Muscle Buster, but nailed a jumping kick instead to send Styles to the floor. He then grabbed a microphone and called out Wendy Styles once again, leading to the finish.